About us

Working With Nature

A LEAF Certified Business

Nature is very visible in the way that we farm. We have been a LEAF Marque certified business since 2015. This means our farm is managed to Integrated Farm Management (IFM) principles, which is a whole farm business approach that delivers more sustainable farming. Atten­tion to detail is key; appro­pri­ate and effi­cient use of inputs, smarter approach­es to busi­ness plan­ning and the adop­tion of inno­va­tions and new tech­nolo­gies, all con­tribute to increas­ing pro­duc­tiv­i­ty whilst pro­tect­ing valu­able resources.

Complimenting our LEAF Marque status, for the past twelve years we have been in an Environmental Stewardship scheme - known as Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) - which focusses on the effective environmental management of the land. This scheme has just come to an end and we are waiting for a new post-Brexit scheme(s) to be put in place but we understand this will be similarly environmentally-focussed and we should be well placed to meet, if not exceed, the conditions of the new scheme.

Precision Farming

Across all enterprises, the business uses precision farming technology to assist in soil fertility, improve efficiency and ultimately increase our yields.

The Farming Year

Our aim is to have the land working as efficiently as possible 365 days a year. This means, weather permitting of course, that as soon as one year’s crop is harvested next year’s crop is in the ground.