Working with nature

Working with nature is of genuine importance to our farming business – we fully understand and appreciate that nature’s resources are not infinite so since 2009 we have taken active steps to farm more sustainably.   We have used as many cover crops as we can under our HLS scheme with floristically enhanced margins (see […]

Precision Farming

Across all enterprises, the business uses precision farming technology to assist in soil fertility, improve efficiency and ultimately increase our yields. We work closely with Precise Solutions GPS and their F1RTK N-Trip network. Our first tentative steps into precision farming came in 1998 when we started to yield map. In 2000, working with SOYL precision farming we started […]

The Farming Year

The Farming Year – Gallery Our aim is to have the land working as efficiently as possible 365 days a year. This means, weather permitting of course, that as soon as one year’s crop is harvested next year’s crop is in the ground. For potatoes, the farming year starts in April with preparing the land […]