Precision Farming

Across all enterprises, the business uses precision farming technology to assist in soil fertility, improve efficiency and ultimately increase our yields. We work closely with Precise Solutions GPS and their F1RTK N-Trip network.

Our first tentative steps into precision farming came in 1998 when we started to yield map. In 2000, working with SOYL precision farming we started to map P, K, Ph and Mg. Our fertiliser spreader was fitted with weigh cells to accurately apply fertiliser according to what the maps were prescribing.

In 2001 we started N-sensing which was followed shortly thereafter with an EGNOS lightbar which provided guidance for applying P and K and also created virtual tramlines.

In 2005 we erected an RTK base station which has grown into a radio-based network covering the entire coastal stretch of Northumberland. This provides inch-accuracy for automated steering for any brand of GPS guidance system. If you would like to join please contact David Park.

RTK has been rolled out across the tractor fleet, combine and sprayer.

Precision Farming with RTK
RTK in action

In 2006 we undertook EM38 soil-type sampling on four fields which digitally sampled the soil with electro magnetic connectivity.

precision farming and sampling northumberland UK
buston potatoes alnwick
Straight as a die!

By 2011 the balance of the farm had been sampled. Also in 2006 we introduced controlled traffic farming – creating permanent tramlines for tractors and sprayers.